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Mortality risk, survival probability and life expectancy
Health - Life and death
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 11:32

This calculator computes the death risk and the survival probability over a given time span.

The calculator uses country specific statistical data for computing the death risk and survival chance. These country specific data contain local varying risks related to for instance traffic, pollution, food risks, and the quality of local health care, see the acknowledgment.

Enter your age, the period of time in years, your gender, and your country. The calculator computes your chances on death or survival during the given time span specified in field Period.

It could be that your individual risks are lower or higher. Suppose for example that your parents and grandparents live much longer than the average life expectancy. Then you can model this effect by entering a lower age. Enter a higher age to model higher individual risks.

Furthermore see also the Outlive or predecease probability calculator and the Mortality Risk calculator for Pets.

Period (number of years):
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Survival Probability (over ? years, %): 
Mortality Risk (over ? years, %): 
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