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Compose an Investment Portfolio
Financial - Investing
Sunday, 03 May 2009 20:01

This is an example for the Trading Simulator. Suppose you have $ 400000 and you want to invest this on the stock market. You decide to invest in real estate, commodities, bonds and technology shares. From each of these categories you buy shares in the two best companies. This means that 8 different shares will be bought.

You don't invest all your money on the same day: each stock has buying opportunities to wait for. First you buy the bonds, then the real estate funds, then the commodities and then technology funds. Meanwhile there is a good moment to sell the bonds again. Instead of bonds you decide to invest in utilities.

One of the real estate funds gives you some dividend. And the interest rate on your cash balance has changed as well: from 6 to 7%.

After two years you want to know the total value of your portfolio and the total value of each category. So you enter share prices for each of the shares on the end date combined.

The contents of the field below are the exported list of transactions. These data can be imported into the calculator by cutting and pasting them into the field in tab HTML Input and then clicking on the button.

These transactions each trigger a provision of $ 10. The computation also tracks hidden costs due to the spread, the difference between bid and ask price. In this example these costs are very small compared to the invested amount.