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Accrued interest
Financial - Wealth
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 15:58

This calculator makes it easier to compute the interest accrued on a savings account or a loan. The calculator takes changes in interest and balance into account.

There are two examples with this calculator:

End date (YYYY-MM-DD):   
Change in balance Interest rate (%)     

Totaal compute interest:
Balance including interest:
Balance excluding interest:

  • First enter the date to compute the accrued interest on into field End date.
  • For every change in interest rate or balance enter the date, the amount of the balance change and the interest rate.
  • New rows can be added by clicking the plus button (+), at most 100 rows can be processed. A row can be deleted by clicking its minus button (-).
  • Expressions can be entered in the in the fields for the balance change and interest rate.
  • Example: suppose the initial balance is 10. On a second date date two changes occur: -3.59 and -2.56. Enter first the initial balance into the field Change in Balance and then enter the changes on the second date in a new row. Enter "-3.59 -2.56" in the field Change in Balance after the second date.
  • The order of the rows can be changed by dragging and dropping them with the mouse.
  • The interest rates entered are based on 365 days per year.
  • You can save your input to an html file by clicking the button Save input as HTML.
  • In the tab Import from HTML you can load previously saved input into the calculator.

The Accrued Interest Calculator can also load data from an html table. Cut and paste the contents of the previously saved HTML file to the field below and click Load into Calculator.