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Convert CSV data to an HTML table
Work - Administration
Wednesday, 16 April 2008 20:46

Usage of the CSV to HTML converter:

  • Enter or paste your Comma, TAB or otherwise separated data into the text area below. Alternatively browse to a file and then press Upload File!.
  • Then select which separation character your data is using.
  • If your data uses separators within the fields then you can select how these separators are escaped. For instance by selecting quoting characters and/or by selecting an escape character. Quotes can also used to allow linebreaks within cells
  • Quotes in fields can be escaped by selecting an escape character. So if you select quotes to escape for example line breaks within fields you can escape the quotes with an escape character. Before an escape character the quote looses its special meaning.
  • Optionally select how linebreaks within cells are treated. Normally a linebreak implies the end of a table row, but not if a linebreak occurs within quoted text. If you want to convert such linebreaks by a visible linebreak in a browser then you have to replace these linebreaks with "<br/>".
  • Optionally select how special characters such as HTML special charaters, HTML markup, etc are escaped. For example if your table contains "<br/>" and you select "Do not convert (table contains code)" your HTML text output will be "&lt;br/&gt;". A browser will render this as "<br/>"
  • Optionally enter HTML attributes such as style information for the table as a whole and/or for each cell. Try for example border="1"
  • Enter column numbers and row numbers of columns and rows that you don't want to see in the output. The row and column numbers should be separated by comma's. When I convert the TAB separated file of my internet bank account I enter the columns 1,2,3,4,5,14
  • If you want to save the HTML code to a file then check as binary download.
  • If you are converting to HTML and you want to view the table then uncheck as binary download and check preview (HTML only)

Go to the CSV to HTML converter.