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Overview of calculators computing an effective yield, ROI or interest rate
Financial - Examples for the financial calculators
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 11:00

This website hosts several calculators computing an effective return on investment. This can be a capital gain on investments on the stock market, an effective interest rate, a value increase of a house you own, etc. These calculators typically take (periodic) withdrawals and deposits into account, or convert between interest periods, or take (periodic) costs into account. The table below gives a list of these calculators together with a short description and any example computations.

The purpose of the examples is to demonstrate the use of the calculators, to give you an idea of how to use each particular calculator. In many cases you will need to change the calculator input such that it corresponds better to your real life situation.

Calculator or ExampleDescription
Effective Interest rateConverts the quoted interest rate to a yearly interest rate. Suppose the interest is paid monthly and the rate is quoted as twelve times the monthly interest percentage. This calculator converts the quoted rate to a yearly rate taking compound interest into account.
Effective interest rate with periodic deposits and costsComputes the effective interest rate of a savings account taking for example monthly or yearly deposits and costs into account.
Combined investments: totals, subtotals and the combined ROI.This calculator computes totals and the ROI for a portfolio with different investments. These investments are different from each other with respect to (periodic) costs, and returns. In addition the calculator also takes periodic deposits and draws into account. These deposits and withdrawals can be different for each investment as well. Diagrams are plotted for the total accumulated capital and for the total amount in each investment category.
Description of the combined investment calculator .Describes how to compute totals and the ROI with the combined investment calculator and also gives a list with descriptions of each input and output field.
Example of the combined investment calculator: is it better to buy our house or to keep renting it ?In this example the combined investment calculator is used to compare two situations. In both situation the calculator computes a total accumulated capital. In the first situation a house is rented and in the second situation the same house is bought.
Example of the combined investment calculator: portfolio of savings, equities and a house.In this example the calculator is to compute the total value of a portfolio of equities, savings and a house after 10 years.
Return on investment for stock market instrumentsThis calculator computes the ROI of a combined buy and sell on the stock market. The calculator takes intermediate dividends, margin interest and transaction costs into account. If the shares are bought with a foreign currency then the calculator can also take the effect of a changing currency rate into account. The calculator computes the ROI between two dates.
Example computation of the effective return of a buy/sell pair of transactions on the stock market.In this example dividends and margin interest are taken into account.
ROI on investment taking intermediate deposits and withdrawals into accountThis calculator also computed the ROI between two dates. It can be used to compute the average value increase on a house or the average ROI on a brokerage account. The ROI is not computed based on an input interest percentage. Instead the computation uses the actual end amount and any deposits and withdrawals all on given dates.
Example computation of the ROI of for instance a brokerage account.In this example money was wired and withdrawn to/from a brokerage account on a number of dates. Together with the balance on a later date the ROI is computed on this later date.
Return on investment on a savings account in a different currency.Convert the effect of a varying currency exchange rate and a variable interest rate on a savings account in a different currency to an equivalent annual interest rate in your home currency.
Effective annual rate of a mortgage or a loan with variable interest.Convert the variable interest rate on a loan with monthly payments to an equivalent annual interest rate.
Loan calculator: different payment schemesWhen leaving the interest rate empty this loan/mortgage calculator computes the effective interest rate for three types of repayment schemes.
Mortgage example.Compute the remaining debt, the number of terms or the term amount
Annuity calculator for indexed payments.Similar to the loan calculator. A sequence of future payments is compared with an equivalent amount today. This calculator deals with the case that the future payments are increasing with a yearly percentage, such as with a pension, the rent of a house, costs of living etc. Depending on what other quantities are input to the calculator you can compute either the effective interest, or the present value, the size of the individual future payments, the number of future payments, or the indexation percentage.
When will I run out of money ?Two examples for the annuity calculator for indexed payments.
Inflation proof pension.Three pension related examples for the annuity calculator for indexed payments.
Bond calculatorCompute the market value given the yield to maturity or compute the yield to maturity given the Clean Price (market value) of the bond. In addition the modified duration is computed for the bond.
Description of the bond calculator.Describes how to use the bond calculator.
What is the Yield to Maturity of this bond ?Example explaining how to compute the Yield to Maturity with the bond calculator.
How much is my bond worth ?Example explaining how to compute the value of a bond with the online bond calculator.