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Microwave: new cooking time or power
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Sunday, 09 September 2007 10:53

While cooking meals, for example an instant meal, most people first read a recipe or at least the directions on the wrapping of the meal. When a microwave must be used these directions give the cooking time at a certain power of the microwave.

But what to do if your microwave does not have the right power level ? Or what to do if you want to speed things up by putting your microwave at a higher power ? Or you might want to slow down the cooking because you want the microwave to be ready simultaneously with other parts of your meal. Another possibility is that you want to prepare a meal for more persons than in the meal of the recipe. So you have to adjust the amounts of your ingredients.

In the above situations you can either compute the alternative power of your microwave or the cooking time.

Enter first the weight and the cooking time from the recipe, then enter the weight of your meal, what your want to compute and the power or the cooking time. Then press Compute.