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Calculate the area and volume of a house
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Saturday, 02 December 2006 22:02

Buying a house is not easy. Everyone in the family has his or her own wishes: a modern kitchen, a garden, close to work, in a quiet environment, not too much maintenance, etc. Many people also want a bigger house. With this online calculator you can compute the inside area and volume of a house or an appartment.

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Room Shape Length Width Height Height 2 Area Volume

Total area:    Total volume:  

  • Enter a description for every room. This description is useful when exporting the input data.
  • Select the shape of the room: rectangular, triangular or a part of a circle.
  • For rectangles enter the length, width and height. The second height is for rooms with a roof that is not flat. For such rooms the first height is the height of the lowest wall and the second height is the height of the tallest wall.
  • For triangles enter the length of one of the sides in the field Length. Then enter for the field Width the length of the line from the opposite angle perpendicular on this side. This is the height of the triangle. This height of the triangle should not be confused with the height of the room.
  • If the shape of the room resembles a part of a circle then enter its radius under the field Length. Enter for example 0.5 into the field Width if the room resembles half of a circle.
  • Rows can be deleted by clicking the minus (-) buttons.
  • At most 100 rows are allowed per computation.
  • Expressions can be entered into each field except but the description field.

You can save your input to an html file by clicking the button Save input as HTML. In the tab Import from HTML you can load previously saved input into the calculator.

This Calculator can also load data from an html table. Cut and paste the contents of the previously saved HTML file to the field below and click Load into Calculator.