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Return on investment for stock market instruments
Financial - Investing
Saturday, 11 November 2006 20:49

With this computational module you can compute the return on an (equity) investment. The calculator takes the following effects into account:

  • Transaction costs for buying and selling instruments on the stock market,
  • debet interest on a margin account or on any other loan that provided the money to invest with,
  • dividend and the ex-dividend date,
There are people who are buying shares and selling them the same day, after a common upwards variation in the share price: day-traders. From the bottom field (yearly ROI) one can conclude that their returns can be quite high.

See this page for an example computation with this calculator. Furthermore the Trading Simulator is the extension of the calculator below for multiple transactions, multiple instruments and/or multiple dividends.

Number of shares:
Bought shares:
Date (YYYY-MM-dd):
Share price:
Transaction costs for buying:
Sold shares:
Date (YYYY-MM-dd):
Share price:
Transaction costs for selling:
Cash dividend:
Dividend in shares:
Dividend date (YYYY-MM-dd):
Interest on dividend (%):
Borrowed amount:
Interest over loan (%):
Computed values:
Gross buy amount:
Net investment:
Gross sell amount:
Net sell amount:
Net profit:
Return on Investment (%):
Annualized ROI (%):