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Numerical examples dealing with financial matters.

I have tried to make calculators that are useful for real life situations. In the loan calculator you can do 15 calculations on a single page, and three calculations simultaneously. This makes comparisons for real life decisions easier. Whenever possible I use a begin date and an end date rather than a period in a form. For example, in the savings calculator you can compute what you save from begin date to the end date. Whereever it makes sense I am computing the effective interest, even if it involves solving an equation numerically. Though often difficult to compute, the effective interest is very convenient way to compare financial products.

  • Examples for the financial calculators   ( 18 Articles )

    Contains descriptions and examples for some of the financial calculators. See also the overview for the calculators computing an effective interest rate or return on investment.

    The purpose of the examples is to demonstrate the use of the calculators, to give you an idea of how to use each particular calculator. In many cases you will need to change the calculator input such that it corresponds better to your real life situation.

  • Wealth   ( 10 Articles )

    Calculators dealing with investments, savings, loans and mortgages.

  • Enterprise   ( 3 Articles )

    Calculators related to enterprises.

  • Investing   ( 13 Articles )

    Calculators for computations dealing with investments.