Example calculation fuel costs car over simple distance
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:19

Suppose you would like to drive 500 miles and you want to compute the fuel costs for that distance. Furthermore suppose that the manufacturer of your car reports a usage of 40 miles per gallon. And that the gas price is $ 2.5 per gallon. In that case you enter the following into the Fuel Costs Calculator:

Fuel price:1.5
Units of consumed fuel:1
Travelled distance:40
Second distance:500

Suppose you have an electric car instead of a petrol car. Suppose you drove 200 miles and it took 50 kWh to recharge. Suppose the electrity price is $ 0.15 per kWh then enter the following into the Fuel Costs Calculator:

Fuel price:0.15
Units of consumed fuel:50
Travelled distance:200
Second distance:500

Now let's say you are travelling in a rental car in Europe. You have just driven 100 kilometers and that took 7 liters of gas. Suppose the gas price is € 1.50 per liter and that 1 euro = 1.35 dollar. With these numbers one can compute the fuel costs per mile in dollars and the total fuel costs for 500 miles. To compute this enter the following into the Fuel Costs Calculator:

Fuel price:1.5*1.35
Units of consumed fuel:7
Travelled distance:100/1.6
Second distance:500

This calculator can also be used to convert maintenance costs (garage bills) into costs per distance unit, that is costs per mile or costs per kilometer. Suppose your car needs new tires every 30000 miles. Each tire costs $ 150. These maintenance costs can be converted to costs per mile by entering the following into the calculator. In addition this example computes the costs related to changing tires for driving 500 miles.

Fuel price:150
Units of consumed fuel:4
Travelled distance:30000
Second distance:500