Fuel costs car, bike or scooter
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Wednesday, 05 May 2010 10:18

This online calculator can be used to compute the fuel related costs (electricity, gas, diesel, etc) of driving a vehicle.

Enter the fuel price, for example the price per gallon or per liter. Then enter the amount of gallons or liters used and below that the travelled distance, for example in miles.

After pressing the first button Compute the fuel costs per distance unit and the total fuel costs of the entered distance will appear. Then a second distance can be entered. After pressing the second Compute button the total fuel costs for this second distance will appear.

See also the examples.

Fuel price (e.g. per gallon/liter): 
Units of consumed fuel: 
Travelled distance (miles): 

Fuel costs per mile: 
Total fuel costs for this distance: 

Compute the fuel costs of a second distance:
Second distance: 

Fuel costs second distance: