Example area and volume of an appartment
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Monday, 19 January 2009 15:41

This is an example for the calculator Compute the area and volume of a house. Suppose you would like to buy or rent an appartment with rooms as in the table below:

RoomShapeSize 1ValueSize 2ValueHeight 1Height 2
Living roomRectangleLength4Width51.52.2
Kitchen part 1RectangleLength4Width32.2
Kitchen part 2TriangleSide4From opposite angle perpendicular on side22.2
BathroomTriangleSide4From opposite angle perpendicular on side22.2
Sleeping roomCircle partRadius2Circle part0.52.2

The roof of the living room is not flat and therefore its ceiling has two heights. The kitchen can be thought of two parts: a rectangular part and a triangular part.

The data in the table above can be entered in the calculator by copying and pasting the contents of the field below in the field in tab Input from HTML. Then click on the button Load into Calculator.