Example computation Vitamin B12 Dose
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Monday, 20 October 2008 15:39

With the Vitamin B12 Dose Calculator you can estimate your daily vitamin B12 intake. I have done this for myself and got the following input:

Food KeyDescriptionAmountFrequencyConcentration
otherPaté with 57% pork liver (g)163650.57*0.26
otherButter with 1 μg added B12 per 100g323650.01
porkMeatPork (g)10012
chickeneggChicken egg (g)1002*52
goudsecheeseGouda cheese (g)30365
milkMilk (ml)300330
quarkQuark (ml)50052
yoghurtYoghurt (ml)50052
chickenChicken (g)5026

From this table you can see that I eat 50 g chicken once a fortnight, two eggs per week, once a month 100 g pork, and every day (bread with) paté and cheese.

The table can be typed into the Vitamin B12 Calculator by clicking on the plus signs and then entering the amounts, the frequencies and for the paté and the butter the concentration. Before doing that remove the first row of the calculator (Pork (g)). For the paté and the buuter the description after the field Other needs to be provided. When the input is ready then the input can be saved by clicking on the button Export to HTML Table. This exports a file with the following contents:

This exported text can be pasted into the textrea field in the tab Importeer HTML tabel. By pressing the button Load into Calculator you can load the saved input into the calculator again. That can be useful if you want to modify and redo a calculation from a couple of days ago.