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Tuesday, 01 July 2008 15:44

This is a calendar showing most special days such as public holidays. A plus (+) sign in front of the description means that almost everybody has the day off. Examples of other special days are Valentine's day and the start and end of daylight savings time.

Enter the month and year to go directly to a specific month. You can also go forward and backward a number of days. Below the calendar are input fiels for moving forward or backwards a number of days, week-days (Mo-Fr), months, or years. Enter a minus sign (-) when you want to move backwards. If you want to move forward a number of weeks, for example 8 weeks then enter "8*7" in the field Days forward/backward (-)

First select the country which you want to see the special days for (more countries in preparation):

United States Canada United Kingdom Ireland
Australia New Zealand South Africa

ISO 8601 week number:


MoTu WeThFrSaSu
Days forward/backward (-):
Week days (Mo-Fr) forward/backward (-):
Months forward/backward (-):
Years forward/backward (-):

A calendar with dutch and belgium holidays can be viewed via this link.

I try to mention all special days in this calendar. Please send feedback via the Contact page. Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies or errors as well.