Estimate the costs of your vacation
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Friday, 13 October 2006 22:17

Vacation is pleasant but it can cost more than you wanted. With this calculator you can compute, in advance of afterwards, how much your vacation costs. And what financial difference any changes in your plans, for example in the number of persons, the number of nights or the distance to travel, will make.

Especially if you go for a longer period or with many persons the costs can rapidly increase. So especially in these two cases it is good to know in advance how much your vacation will cost. And if you are back it might be interesting to know how much you spent and how much is left.

When filling in this form realize that in the form there are three kinds of costs: travelling costs, costs at the destination spent during daytime and costs spent for sleeping. The purpose of the travelling costs is to arrive at the destination. The costs spent at the destination during daytime are for example for excursions and getting around.