Example categorised transportation costs
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Monday, 12 July 2010 20:34

With the Variable Transportation Costs Calculator you can keep track of different categories and types of transportation costs. The calculator can compute a total for each category and cost type. See also the tab Instructions of the calculator. Below is an example of how this calculator can be used.

Suppose you work 5 days a week for 40 weeks a year. Every day you have to compute and you drive 60 miles per working day. With the Fuel Costs Calculator it is possible to calculate that the fuel costs are about 10 cents per mile. At work you have to use paid parking four times a week and the price is $ 2 per hour for 9 hours long. In addition to these short distances and the parking costs you drive an extra 500 miles once a month.

Apart from business related car costs you drive your car also during the weekends. Every weekend you drive 30 miles, both on Saturday and on Sunday. And once a month there is another trip of 200 miles. During the holiday season you drive 2500 miles, for 9 cents per mile instead of 10 cents per mile.

By cutting and pasting the html code in the field below to tab Import input and then clicking on Import data the data above can be imported into the calculator.